Excellence: the best new highlighters

It is intense to pronounce the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand (£29) the best highlighter I have ever utilized, be that as it may, well, I figure it might be the best highlighter I've ever utilized – and I daresay I've attempted a few hundred others.

This new dispatch is my top pick, since it settles each issue I've ever had with the rest. It has a cream-gel surface that is sufficiently thin to spread sparingly and uniformly finished cheekbones, temple, browbones and jaw without obstructing, dragging and building up, yet isn't so liquid as to run wild finished the whole face. Thus, it coasts over establishment, as opposed to converging with it to wind up plainly shady and dim. It has precisely the appropriate measure of glimmer for my taste – glowy like a pearl, not spangly like a rhinestone.

Above all, however, it's a secure to apply: simply turn the top to discharge a small measure of champagne-hued item – the shade is clear, so it takes a shot at dull skins and light, and the stream is reassuringly moderate, so there's no waste (my grumble with numerous fluid highlighters, which for the most part wind up on a tissue in the canister) – then touch or stroke wherever you'd like a little light-reflecting glimmer. It mixes flawlessly with fingertips before setting (the fortitude is great, however unexceptional), which means one needn't convey brushes or wipes, go after the tube if a night welcome presents itself.

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